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SILENTA is a high specification, top-hung acoustic movable wall system. Several options are available with either exposed protective edge or concealed profiles.


The systems comprise of individual panels suspended from a top track only and each panel has top and bottom  Retractable seals that lock between track and floor.


Operation of seals is performed by a quick and easy 90° turn and a variety of stacking arrangements are available to ensure the best use of valuable space.


Finishes can incorporate routed grooves or applied moldings and are available in hardwood veneers, vinyl, melamine, laminate or spray painted. Some finishes can be provided with Class I or Class O Fire Ratings.

A Technical Diagram of Retractable Top and Bottom Seals
A Picture of a Technical Diagram | 1 Point and 2 Point Sections
Silenta 100 Section 2 Point Technical Diagram
Silenta Stacking Options

Silenta Stacking Options

Silenta Panels Fully Closed

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